Thinking Reframed

We believe the new dawn of AI asks urgent questions about human thinking.

How good can it be? How can we make it better?

How can humans and AI work together more effectively?

Through Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting we help you make the most of your thinking.


We offer Time To Think™ Coaching, an extremely pure form of coaching, in London and online. The coach creates a Thinking Environment™ for you to articulate, examine and solve your problems in. It is particularly effective for people feeling extra pressure in work or life, people starting or ending major projects and those embarking on serious change. In a busy world, we all need Time To Think™ and the Thinking Environment™ is the perfect place for you to do your best, freshest thinking.


Mentoring is the space to draw on our experience to improve your performance in a particular context. People normally look to mentors inside their organisation or sector, but for some situations they are thing on the ground. We specialise in mentoring around Culture Clash, Being The Only One, Job Sharing, Thinking (naturally!), Information Overload, Dealing with the Challenge of a Promotion and Organising for the Challenge of Changing Field/Role.


Consulting is where we bring our expertise to bear on the issues of integrating thinking and integrating work, be it Human-Human or Human-AI. We’re excited to be involved in this fast moving field and are confident that our human-centred approach is the right one at this time for the most difficult integrations. When you’ve discovered that some of the machine promises don’t live up to the hype, then it’s time to look again from a human angle.