If coaching is about thinking, then you might want a coach who has spent a lifetime finding different ways to think. Taking in life in seven countries across four continents, my journey has been about learning and experiencing different ways of thinking and acting in the world.

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From an undergraduate degree in Aerospace at MIT, through work as a photographer, IT specialist, then IT manager, clinical practice manager, an MBA at the University of Leeds, clinical management researcher, cross-cultural consultant, futurist and innovation consultant, lecturer in management, through to my current vocation as a coach, I have been dedicated to finding more and better ways to solve problems.

I am a qualified Time To Think coach and have a Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching from Henley Business School.

In my spare time I help out with the Enlightened Enterprise Association course on Critical Systems Thinking and the Management of Complexity.

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With a unique technical and futurist background, teamed with a career taking in process automation and the questions of creativity and thought, I am ideally placed to advise on Human-AI interaction – especially questions around “Human in the Loop.” I offer this in collaboration with a wide network of experts in the human and technical aspects of work who come in on a case by case basis.

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