AI-Human Consulting

If you’re at the cutting edge of Human-AI or Human-Human work integration for small teams, then you have problems no-one else seems to have even conceived of. The boosters are out in force telling you ChatGPT et al are going to magically take over the work – but the reality is the accuracy and reliability just aren’t there yet.

So the demand comes: “You need to team up humans and new AI systems effectively.” But it’s not so simple in your field. How can you put “humans in the loop” in a way that actually makes the most of both? There are problems that no-one else seems to even talk about.

We have learned from the example of testing self-driving cars that just putting someone in place to “watch for mistakes” simply doesn’t work. This kind of attention is not a strength for most people. Instead, we need a new approach to “centaur” or hybrid systems.

We have thought about the new approaches and we have a team that can create bespoke solutions for you. That includes asking “What things should not be automated at this time?”

It also means asking: What does a working mindset look like for humans collaborating with AI systems? How does working and managing our work change in the new world? It’s not just about installing a computer system, it’s helping everyone find new ways of working.

With a unique technical and futurist background, teamed with a career taking in process automation and the questions of creativity and thought, Indy Neogy is ideally placed to advise on Human-AI interaction – especially questions around “Human in the Loop.” I offer this in collaboration with a wide network of experts in the human and technical aspects of work who come in on a case by case basis.

If you’re wresting with any of this, contact us and we can discuss how to go forward.