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Why Coaching?

You know something needs to change – here is where it all starts.


You need time to think, an environment that will help you think, someone who will listen without judgement and help you think through your assumptions.


Indy Neogy has lived and worked on four continents, he’s been an engineer, a professional photographer, IT specialist, manager, entrepreneur, futurist and innovation consultant. He has a degree from MIT and an MBA from the University of Leeds. His wide range and depth of experiences brings an ability to create a sense of calm and care in the coaching room.

Pricing: £125 per hour session. £225 for Central London appointments.

Discounts available for block bookings or those with special circumstances.

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More on the method

Time To Think™ Coaching is an extremely pure form of coaching. The coach creates a Thinking Environment™ for you to articulate, examine and solve your problems in. It is particularly effective for people feeling extra pressure in work or life, people starting or ending major projects and those embarking on serious change. In a busy world, we all need Time To Think™ and the Thinking Environment™ is the perfect place for you to do your best, freshest thinking.

Indy is passionate about about Coaching as a space for you to think, but if you need help in a different way, check out the Mentoring and Consulting pages.