Why Mentoring?

You want to learn some tips and tricks from someone who has been through something similar.

Shouldn’t I look inside my organisation?

Classically, yes, because then they may well have literally had your job in the past and now they can sponsor you as well mentor. But most organisations are pyramids and senior people may have limited time – and also they may not understand you.

Indy Neogy has worked in a wide range of roles on four continents, he’s been an engineer, a professional photographer, IT specialist, manager, entrepreneur, futurist and innovation consultant. He has a degree from MIT and an MBA from the University of Leeds.

However, his mentoring focus is on less on a specific role than helping people who have switched roles, or have been recently promoted. Or maybe you’re an outsider for some reason, he has been there too. Context switching, code switching and all those mini moments of adaptation. And of course, if you’re trying to juggle more than one role, that’s something he understands very well.

Culture Clash, Being The Only One, Job Sharing, Thinking, Information Overload, Dealing with the Challenge of a Promotion and Organising for the Challenge of Changing Field/Role – contact us now if any of these are on your mind.

Pricing: £125 per hour video call session. £225 for Central London appointments.

Discounts available for block bookings or those with special circumstances.

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