Strategic Mindset Coaching

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“You need to be more strategic.”

That’s what the feedback said. So it’s back to the drawing board for that promotion or career move. What does it mean to be more strategic? There are lots of articles about company strategy, but how does it all apply to me?

The good news is, I’ve broken it down into 6 tangible things we can work on:

  • Making time out from Business As Usual
    Whether it’s looking ahead, or taking the time to craft a direction, if you don’t tear yourself away from Business As Usual it’s not going to happen. Yes, you have to keep the show on the road – but whether it’s through delegation, setting boundaries or some high class juggling, you have to make time.
  • Looking up to the Horizon
    Knowing what is happening now and having a sense of what is coming down the track are essential to strategic action. What condition is your radar dish in?
  • Looking at Yourself
    Looking to the future means confronting what “not knowing” feels like. Can you work in those ambiguous moments? Being strategic means balancing a big picture and some details – do you know how to get the balance right?
  • Setting a Direction
    In a VUCA world, strategy is not about plans, it’s about setting a direction and correcting course when necessary. Can you take in the information about the landscape and the future and pick out a direction? Can you stand up and ask others to move that way?
  • Telling the story of the strategy
    Having a strategy is no use if you can’t get people behind it. You need a story that people can buy into. The Storyforming (link) approach is a great way to develop this.
  • Dealing with the Politics
    No matter how good your story is, some people are just not going to agree. Whether it’s personal gain, factional infighting or just competing interests, you need to find ways to work around opposition and get things done.

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